Navigating SII 2021 via Zoom and Slido

SII 2021 is entirely online and taking place over Zoom. All live sessions will take place using Japan Standard Time (JST, UTC+9:00). For SII 2021, attendee-to-attendee communication will be supplemented by Slido. We hope that these tools will help you connect with other attendees and allow richer discussions.

Symposium Technical Sessions, Demonstration Sessions, Plenaries, and Other Content

All live SII 2021 live content will be accessible via Zoom. Look in the online program which will be provided to registrants and the link to the virtual session room will take you directly to sessions. If you are new to Zoom, please visit the following links to help you get started.

For a quick Getting Started guide for Zoom, please visit:
▶ Getting Started – Zoom Help Center

You can test your audio and video setup by connecting to a Zoom Test Call:
▶ Join a Test Meeting - Zoom

Messaging and discussing over Slido

Slido provides a convenient way to have text-based discussions with other attendees. Users can participate in public discussions. Public discussions for SII 2021 are divided into several channels corresponding to the virtual session room. SII 2021 will provide channels for general discussions, session discussions, and more.

To join the Slido workspace, please go following link and enter code for entering SII 2021 virtual session room. The code will be provided to the symposium registrants.
▶ Slido Top page

Information for presenters

Instruction site for oral presenters and demonstration presenters is here.

Information for session chairs and co-chairs

Instruction site for session chairs and co-chairs is here.

Information for audiences

Instruction site for audiences is here.