Instruction for the Participants and Audiences

Please set YOUR NAME which appears in the participation list of Zoom. It makes it easier to identify who is attending the session, especially to help volunteers recognize the Chairs and the Presenters. Thank you.

The code and information to access to the events in SII2021 will be provided in advance to all the registrants including the audiences, the presenters, the chairs and the guests.

How to ask questions in Zoom room

  • When you would like to ask the question to the presenter, please submit "I have a question" or "Question" to the Chat on Zoom room.
  • Chair will check the Chat and select the questioner during discussion time.

How to make discussions in slido room

  • All participants can continue to discuss the topics related to those presented and demonstrated in SII2021 at slido room.
  • You can submit the topic to each slido room which is prepared in associating with presentation room number. The link for slido room will be notified in advanced to the registrants and the guests.
  • When you submit the topic to slido room, please write firstly "Presentation Number, Presenter Name". It would make it easier to the others to recognize what your interest is.
  • When the organizer and supervisor determine that there are inappropriate remarks or discussions, they may be removed from the slido room.