The Organizing Committee has decided to host IEEE/SICE SII2021 online on the same dates as originally scheduled: January 11-14, 2021.

Final Short Paper Submission

Deadline: November 10, 2020

Final submissions are open!

If your paper has been accepted, please complete the final submission process under the following instruction.

Required Materials for Final Submission

  1. PDF file of your paper (max 3MB) that has passed the IEEE Xplore compliance test.
  2. Single page PowerPoint slide which will be the digest of your paper.
  3. The signed copyright form in PDF obtained from the IEEE e-copyright site.
  4. Registration of at least one of the authors listed on the paper, before the paper submission.

Paper Length and Size

Page limit

For the final submission, a manuscript should be 2 pages.

Paper size

A4 format.

File format

A single PDF. Please limit the size of the PDF file to be 3 MB.

Cautions for Final Submission

  • A no-show paper will not be included in IEEE Xplore.
  • If none of the authors register for SII 2021, the paper will not be published in the event documentation including proceedings.

Registration Instruction

Registration of at least one of the authors listed on an accepted paper is necessary, before the paper submission.

Before Final Paper Submission

Before uploading, please check your PDF file for IEEE Xplore compliance and prepare following materials.

  • PDF file of your paper (max 3MB) that has passed the IEEE PDF compliance test.
  • Single PowerPoint slide for the SII 2021 Digest based on the template.

For detailed instructions, please follow the guidelines below.

Final Demonstration Video File

  • Please submit a video of demonstration that will be presented at the session. Narration or subtitle is necessary for the final short paper submission.
  • Authors should check prior to submission that their video is viewable using a recent version of VLC media player (cross-platform). The video must be able to play on computers with recent OSX, or Windows operating systems without any need to install third party codecs. Do not use Digital Rights Management (DRM) on your video file submission.
  • Please use a horizontal resolution of at least 640 pixels. If possible, please you use the maximum resolution allowed within the restricted file size and do not exceed 2048 × 1080.
  • Your final video should be about 3 minutes. A few seconds more or less is no problem. The maximum upload size of a video file is 20 MB.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Submit Your Final Paper

Step 1

Prepare your final paper using the available LaTeX or Microsoft Word templates and following these paper preparation instructions. Make sure to have the latest templates and do not change the formatting in any way.

Step 2

Check that the names of all authors and their order is identical in the PaperPlaza submission system, the paper, and the digest page. Please write author names with only the first letter capitalized, that is, use "Firstname Lastname" in all instances and do not use "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" anywhere.

Step 3

Create a PDF version of your paper and perform the IEEE PDF compliance test. If your paper does not pass the test, you cannot continue and may read the PDF Test Help to revise the format of your paper until it passes the test.

Step 4

A digest will be distributed to all participants. Please prepare one (and only one) PowerPoint slide that illustrates your paper. You must only use the PowerPoint template available here. Please do not change the template and keep fonts and font sizes as prepared in the template. Please also note that the digest will be printed in monochrome.

Step 5

To process the copyright transfer for each contribution, follow the "Copyright Transfer" link, and you will be taken to the IEEE copyright transfer site (IEEE eCP) in a new window. Follow the steps as described on IEEE eCP pages and make sure that the paper title and author list are correct before you perform the copyright transfer.

Step 6

Upload the following files:

  • PDF file of your paper (max 3MB) that has passed the IEEE PDF compliance test.
  • Single PowerPoint slide for the SII 2021 Digest based on this template.
  • Demonstration Video File (max 20MB) with narration and/or subtitle
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Announcement of terminology usage

The organizing committee would like to propose the authors of this symposium phase out the "master-slave" terminology in their papers of this symposium in light of the recent attention on racial inequality.