IROS2018 SICE Lunch Seminar

In IROS2018, SICE will be held the lunch seminar for all participants.
In this event, several researchers give us their activity for anyone who attends the IROS2018.
Each participants would enjoy their talk with a lunch box( Max. 45 ).

Schedule(10/3 Room 4.R.5 (Varsovia))

13:30-14:00 Robot Perception-Action Synergy in Unknown Environments , Prof. Jing Xiao

14:00-14:30 System integration and modularity in robotics using ROS, Dr. Víctor Mayoral Vilches


Prof. Jing Xiao(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Title: Robot Perception-Action Synergy in Unknown Environments


How can a robot operate in an unknown environment? This is an important question because many robotic applications require a robot to operate in an unknown environment, at least initially, before it gathers enough information about the environment. In such a case, a robot has to rely on sensing and perception to feel its way around. Moreover, it has to couple sensing/perception and motion synergistically in real time, such that perception guides motion, while motion enables better perception. In this talk, I will introduce our research in combining perception and motion of a robot to achieve automatic object recognition, object modeling, and robot navigation in mostly unknown environments. I will talk about approaches and present results ranging from modeling or recognition of unknown objects based on continuum robot manipulation under either RGBD or touch sensing to real-time synchronized sensing and adaptive motion of a mobile robot or articulated manipulator in unknown dynamic environments.

Dr. Víctor Mayoral Vilches(Erle Robotics)

Title: System integration and modularity in robotics using ROS


The integration effort in robotics, generally composed by diverse sub-steps, supersedes many other tasks when building a robot. Through modularity, the integration process is simplified however, the resulting distributed hardware and software architectures bring several technical challenges. In this talk, the presenter will discuss the challenges and strategies for building robots using the Robot Operating System (ROS). Relevant topics for modularizing robot hardware will be discussed, including a characterization of the link layer for real-time communications, an evaluation of the Linux kernel, the Linux Networking Stack (LNS) for real-time communications, an assessment of the DDS communications middleware and time synchronization.