IROS2019 SICE Lunch Seminar

In IROS2019, SICE will be held the lunch seminar for all participants.In this event, keynote speaker give us their activity for anyone who attends the IROS2019.
Each participants would enjoy their talk with a lunch box( Max. 50 including vegetarian one ).

Schedule(11/6 Room LG-R25) 12:00-13:00

Speaker:Professor Hong Zhang, University of Alberta, Canada

Title: Visual Robot Navigation – Overview and recent developments


There exists a tremendous demand for mobile robots, to function effectively in various environments and across multiple application domains: on factory floors and disaster-affected areas, in homes and hospitals, indoors and outdoors. In response to this demand, significant efforts have been made in recent years on mobile robotics research. One area of remarkable progress is the use of visual sensing for a mobile robot to learn about – and localize itself within – an unknown environment. This progress is mostly attributed to the rich textural information in visual sensory data, the low cost and proliferation of cameras, as well as the great strides made in visual perception algorithms. In this talk, I will give an overview and present our recent research in visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), highlighting the development of robust algorithms for a visual front-end of a SLAM system. I will discuss our recent work in exploiting the tremendous success of deep learning in visual data processing, towards resolving several key challenges to the development of robust visual robot navigation solutions.